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About Us

The Mongolian Halal Association is a dynamic organization focused on developing businesses and fostering an inclusive halal ecosystem. With a mission to promote and facilitate the export and import of halal goods, we connect producers, suppliers, and consumers in the global halal market.


We empower businesses through tools, guidance, and certification, ensuring adherence to strict halal principles.


As your dedicated partner, we offer access to a vast network, opening doors to new opportunities and markets.


Join us in shaping a future where halal goods are celebrated worldwide.

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Food and Products Services

Certify food products as halal if they meet the halal requirements and standards. The certification process includes a thorough review of the production process and ingredients used, as well as regular inspections to ensure compliance.

Logistic and Supply Chain

Provide halal certification for logistics and supply chain companies that ensure halal compliance throughout the entire chain, from the source to the end consumer.

Tourism and Hospitality Services

We provide halal certification for tourism and hospitality services, such as hotels and restaurants, that comply with halal requirements in terms of food preparation, accommodation, and services.


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