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Industry Development

Under industry development; we advise the government on the Halal industry strategic direction, coordinate the implementation of action plans, provide industry intelligence, facilitate industry growth and promote the “Halal Mongolia” brand to achieve an effective industry ecosystem based on the following focus areas that we work closely with the government agencies and our working partners.

Improving Governance Mechanism.

Mongolia's Halal ecosystem is huge. Mongolia's government institutions (e.g. ministries, agencies, associations etc.) are actively engaging and implementing programs, activities etc. for the Halal industry players.

We play a vital role in coordinating these efforts; and in providing directions and support where necessary to ensure delivery systems, industry solutions, local and international resources, programs and activities are managed and implemented effectively.

Mongolia Halal Development Association help to bring professionalism to Mongolia and engagement to connect Mongolia Halal products and services companies to the world. It also helps to build an eco-system from the bottom to the top of the industry

The Halal Eco-system


The halal ecosystem refers to the interconnected network of entities and stakeholders involved in the production, distribution, and consumption of halal products and services. This ecosystem includes various entities such as halal certification bodies, halal ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, logistics and distribution companies, retailers, and end consumers.


Halal certification bodies play a crucial role in the halal ecosystem by providing certification and verification of halal compliance for various products and services. Halal ingredient suppliers provide ingredients that meet halal standards for use in food and other products. Food manufacturers ensure that their production processes comply with halal standards, while logistics and distribution companies ensure that halal products are transported and stored properly. Retailers offer halal products to consumers, and end consumers demand and consume halal products and services.


The halal ecosystem is supported by regulations and standards that aim to ensure the safety, quality, and authenticity of halal products and services. Mongolia Halal Development Association promotes the harmonization and mutual recognition of halal accreditation bodies and halal conformity assessment bodies worldwide.


The growth of the halal ecosystem is driven by the increasing demand for halal products and services, particularly in Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim consumers in non-Muslim-majority countries. As the global halal market continues to expand, the halal ecosystem is expected to become increasingly complex and interconnected, with a growing number of entities and stakeholders involved in the halal value chain.

The global Halal market size is growing and is expected to reach USD 3.0 trillion by 2023.  This has opened a new window of opportunity for many industry stakeholders globally.


One of our important tasks is to conduct research in order to identify and evaluate Halal products and services and their potential in various markets or distribution channels.  We will then work with lead ministries and agencies to establish linkages or strategic cooperation that can open up new trade or investment opportunities.

Leveraging on our international partners from Thailand and Malaysia's experience in developing the Halal industry; We are also set to take the lead in promoting the “Halal Mongolia” brand to increase awareness, acceptance and demand for Halal products and services globally.


SME Monitoring


This program serves as an effective platform for the transfer of information, knowledge and experiences on the Halal ecosystem by means of seminars or workshops by industry experts; Multinational and large local companies.

The topics covered include Halal Best Practices, Productivity, Food Safety and many more, which are targeted at MSMEs which are yet to be halal certified and;

Who can join?

MSMEs that are yet not certified as Halal are encouraged to join us and must:

  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in Mongolia

  • Sector – F&B Manufacturing / Food Service

  • Registered with Mongolia Halal Development Association


  • Enhance MSMEs competency in Halal and regulatory compliance

  • Improved competitiveness in respective sectors/industry

  • Increase efficiency in Halal operation

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